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Debt Support Trust is a registered charity. We never spam you with information or share your details with anybody else without your permission.


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  • Bailiffs and debt collectors
  • Missed payments
  • Credit cards, loans & overdrafts
  • Payday & short term loans
  • Car finance problems
  • Guarantor loans
  • Problematic debts
  • Solutions to become debt free again and many more...

Free Debt Advice You Can Trust

Debt Support Trust is a registered debt advice charity. We’ve helped tens of thousands of people out of the misery of debt and resolved millions of pounds worth of unsecured debt problems. We can help you too.

Our debt advisors are trained to offer the full range of debt solutions based on your circumstances. Our role is to impartially advise you on which debt solutions you are applicable for. We explain the pros and cons of each debt solution, so you are empowered to make an informed decision on the best way forward.

All advice is confidential and you are not obligated to proceed with our advice.

Debt Calculator

This is the amount you can afford to pay towards debt each month, assuming you’re not paying your current debts.
Months To Repay:

The months to repay is based on interest and charges being frozen, which we can often assist with. There are other solutions available too, which can help you become debt free faster.

Could a debt solution help you become debt free faster? Importantly, our advisers are not just knowledgeable, but friendly too and the charity exists to help people out of debt.

Many of the volunteers and advisers at Debt Support Trust have also experienced debt and money worries – we know what you’re going through and can offer practical support.

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The debt calculator can help you determine how long your repayments to your debt will last if your interest and charges are frozen.

A debt arrangement scheme or debt management plan can freeze interest and charges and you will repay all of your debt in an affordable solution.

An IVA or trust deed can help you pay what you can afford each month for a fixed period. Remaining debt, interest and charges are written off.

Sequestration/ Bankruptcy may be the best option for you too and can have you debt free within 48 months. 

We can help explain the pros and cons of each debt solution, specific to your financial information, stop creditors demanding money and give you peace of mind.

Thousands of people we speak to tell us they struggle to eat, sleep and maintain healthy relationships because of debt.
We often are told:

“I got the best night’s sleep of my life because I spoke to you” 

You’re not alone with debt. Not for profit advisers at Debt Support Trust can help.

How Can Our Debt Advice Help?

Assess Your Options

We’re qualified and regulated debt advisers who are on your side. We’re friendly and supportive and can help you understand the options you have.

Deal With Creditors

We can advise you on the creditors you owe money to, often stopping any action, freezing interest and charges and creating a debt solution which will have you debt free once again.

Repayment Solutions

There are debt solutions which can help get debt problems back under control. We explains the pros and cons to each solution, empowering you to make an informed decision.


Take The First Step…

Nobody can tell you when you’re ready to ask for debt advice. After helping thousands of people, we know it’s different for each and every person. It could be a phone call from a debt collector, a letter through the post or the inability to sleep and maintain social friendships that finally pushed you to seek debt advice. Whatever it is, when you’re ready, we’ll be here to help.

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All advice is given free, in confidence and by a trained, friendly debt advisor.

Debt Solutions Overview

Token Payments

A solution to pay a small amount to your debt each week/ month until the situation improves.

Debt Management

A repayment plan where interest and charges can be frozen so you can repay debt more effectively.


A formal agreement to pay an affordable payment for 5 years with remaining debt being written off.

Trust Deed

A Scottish solution to repay what you can afford each month for 4 years – remaining debt is written off.


One solution to debt problems which could stop creditors taking further action.

Debt Support Trust

In 2010, Debt Support Trust was registered as a charity to provide debt advice for people struggling to manage their unsecured debts. Whether it’s credit cards, payday loans, overdrafts, unsecured loans or any other form of credit, we can help advise you on your options.

We start by listening to your financial problem and then provide you with all of your options. We advise on the full range of debt solutions and can explain which solutions are best for your circumstances. We never judge, our advice is completely confidential and we only ever try and support you to become, once again, debt free.

Stuart Carmichael
Debt Support Trust

Chief Executive

What People We've Helped Say

After advising on millions of pounds of debt, we’ve had some lovely feedback…

Mr Fitzpatrick


Without the advice and assistance of Debt Support Trust I would never have take the first steps to resolve my debts. By clearing my debts my life is back on track. Thank you.

C. Anderson


I cannot thank you enough for everything you've done to help me out this awful situation. You are a star and there's a special place in heaven for you!


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Debt Support Trust is a registered charity (SC041902). Company number (SC387356). FCA licence (640136).

We are open Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm. Email: Phone: 0800 085 0226.
Registered advice centre: 112 Cornwall Street South, Kinning Park, Glasgow, G41 1AA.

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